Local Candy Kitchen Employees Brave the Darkness. And Yolk.

SEMINOLE, FLA, April 2 -- With a van full of ammunition and painted faces, local Candy Kitchen owners Brad and Lora Holybee would never expect to get April Fooled by their loyal, mint-chocolate-chip-scooping staff; especially when April Fools’ Day had been expired for two hours.

Around 2 a.m. this morning, employees piled out of a suspicious white van like a Mexican army, to quietly bum-rush the Holybees front lawn with ammo in hand.

Danielle, 19, took the first stab at the dirt. The handle of the plastic spoon broke in half.

Minutes later, the Holybee's yard is a garden of shiny, white spoon heads and cackling employees. Nicole Miller, 22, sticks a spoon in the mailbox while other assailants break out the rolls of Saran-wrap. Holybee's Jeep Eliminator will stay fresh for a long while.

Jenny Leinbach, 22, snaps a few photos of the new decor as they organize their hasty departure.

Danielle’s truck and the getaway van are positioned past the front of the house with engines running.

Puzzled that the Holybees have not caught on to the echoing laughter and noisy redecoration of their landscape, Shelby Sizemore, 19, and Miller decide to bring it to their attention.

They walk around the corner towards the front door when Sizemore sees a “peeper” through the blinds. “Someone’s looking out here!” she whisper-screams. “THERES A PEEPER!” Sizemore takes off running towards the van while Miller jumps into Danielle’s pick-up.

After no sign of a Holybee, Miller jumps out of the truck bed and races for the front door. She shortly hesitates, realizing that there is no doorbell in sight and knocks quickly. She zip-lines towards the vehicle and they zoom away unnoticed.

They follow the white van, driven by Candy Kitchen manager, Leah Giordano, who parked down the street. All pile back into the van.

In the distance, they can see Brad peeling the plastic sheets off of his car.

“Aww man,” Leinbach said. “Do you think they’re pissed? Should we go help them clean up the mess? They didn’t have fun and retaliate like last time.”

Giordano slowly approaches the scene of the crime.

A loud thud comes from Brad’s direction. Egg yolk splatters the window and streams down the glass as everyone screams and the van screeches away.

“We need more ammo!” Miller shrieks.

Armed with a loaf of bread, a bag of powdered donuts and Heinz ketchup from a 24-hr Hess, the impending war is on.

Meanwhile, Tara Yopp’s vehicle that was parked safely down the street is being tampered with by her big, bad candy boss. Spoons are sticking out of the hood cracks and a bra is stretched over the trunk lift. The inside is occupied by mounds of Saran-wrap.

“Oh man,” Yopp blurts. “That’s my favorite bra!”

Brad ambushes the next drive-by with more eggs while Lora is standing on the front porch. Sizemore, Miller and Leinbach jump out of the van a few houses down and plan a bread-ball sneak attack. They can already hear the screams.

Giordano and others emerge from the darkness covered in ketchup and egg. Brad is laughing hysterically. Lora is armed with two different kinds of salad dressing, just in case.

No sooner do they reach a cease-fire, the Seminole cops show up on reports of a possible burglary.

“Neighbors said they saw a bunch of people dressed in black,” one office said. Staff laughter.

“With face paint…” he continued. More laughter.

“Will you take a picture of all of us?” Miller asked the officer.

“No. It’s time for all of you to go on home.”